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Aikido Tenchikan Dojo

Ten Chi Kan Dojo means place of heaven and earth, a name given to the dojo by Kobayashi Sensei. Tenchikan dojo is an Aikido dojo based in Bristol.
Each practice endeavors to keep as close to the style and content of the classes at Kobayashi dojos.  Each practice follows a similar class structure with each lesson covering basics, standing and kneeling techniques and weapons.

Our twice weekly practice is always fun and challenging. Aikido offers each individual his or her own set of goals and objectives.  This is why beginners are always welcome as no matter what level the practitioner - there is always something new to learn!

You are always welcome at Tenchikan dojo, so come along and watch a practice or join in.







Practice at Aikido Tenchikan Dojo Bristol
Ten Chi Kan Aikido Course