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Membership and Fees



Enrolling into Aikido Tenchikan dojo is very simple. We take on new members throughout the year.
You are also welcome to come along and watch a class at any time.

To join the dojo download the Association Membership document and Beginners Pack here or come along and complete the registration paperwork on the night.

What to wear.
To practice Aikido you will need to wear a keiko dogi (Judo suit). It is not necessary to buy one immediately, however you should look to get one within a few weeks of joining. They are available in martial art stores in Bristol and on the internet prices start from around £25

Costs of practice at Tenchikan Dojo are split into two sections; Membership/Insurance and practice fees.

An annual membership and insurance fee of £40 is required. This is broken down in the following way:

  • Personal liability insurance through the British Aikido Board via Perkins Slade.
    Click here for further details on Insurance
  • Annual membership to Kobayashi United Kingdom. As a non-profit making association membership fees are used to cover the costs involved in organising instruction from Kobayashi dojos instructors

Practice fee
Members pay monthly on the first available practice of the month. The cost is based on the number of practices the student wishes to attend per week

  • 1 Practice a week = £25 per month
  • 2 Practices a week = £40 per month

If you have any questions about membership and fees please E-mail or call Jeff on 07775 610 464