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  Jeff Mills    

Jeff Mills started his martial art study at the tender age of 5. Firstly studying Judo at various places until the age of 15 followed by a brief spell of Karate.  Once he arrived at University in 1994 where he studied Business, his martial art devotion developed further.  Jeff said: "I was lucky to have a great deal of choice at Luton and studied Judo, Aikido and Wing Chun Kung Fu".

Here in Luton his love of Aikido started to emerge. He studied hard three times a week and after 4 years he obtained his 1st Dan in 1998.

After he graduated, Jeff moved to London where after a great deal of searching he found the Aikido organisation he was looking for, progressive with strong links to Japan so his Aikido could develop in the correct way.

While in London Jeff also continued his study of Judo, and Wing Chun with master Austin Goh.

Jeff has always harbored a desire to go to Japan but never thought it would become a reality but in 2001 his dream came true.  After a great deal of diplomacy and careful requests by Chris (his instructor in London) he was accepted as an Uchi Deschi (live in student). For three months he endured the rigors of dojo life, getting up at 5:30am to clean the dojo followed by practice at 6:30am.  There were further practices late morning and also kids class plus a final practice at 7:30pm.  Jeff said: "The days were long and the first two weeks were the hardest but my body did get used to the level of practice and I really enjoyed my time there".

Since this first trip Jeff has returned twice to Kobayashi dojos and most recently taken his nidan examination through Kobayashi Dojos at Hombu Dojo. He intends to train in Kobayashi dojos at least once every 12-18 months.


Luton Aikido Club
5th Kyu November 1995                      
4th Kyu April 1996                              
3rd Kyu July 1996                                
2nd Kyu March 1997                           
1st Kyu October 1997                   
Shodan July 1998                             
Nidan July 2000

Kobayashi Dojos
(Aikikai. Aikido World Headquarters, Japan)  
Shodan (1st dan) July 2003                      
Nidan (2nd dan) November 2005
Sandan (3rd dan) August 2008
Yondan (4th dan) August 2012





Jeff, Kobayashi Sensei, Hiroaki Sensei