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About Kobayashi Dojos

Aikido Kobayashi Dojo is an organization founded by Kobayashi Yasuo dojocyo (head of the dojo) in April 1969 at Gakuen-Higashi-cyo in Kodaira-city. With the ideal of spreading aikido to many, Kobayashi Sensei strives to instruct aikido to many. Also, the uchi deshi (live-in training) program fosters many aikido instructors.

Kobayashi Dojo's activity is not limited to Japan: periodically Instructors are dispatched overseas. Kobayashi Dojos accept trainees from inside and outside of Japan, and arrange Musubi Kikin (a scholarship program for trainees from foreign countries) to support trainees financially.

In 1986, Kobayashi Dojos an award of excellence from the Japan Budo Council at the Budokan. Kobayashi Dojos were the first to receive this awarded as a private organisation.

As of August 2003, Kobayashi Dojos have about 120 affiliated and directly controlled places for training. With Kodaira dojo in the suburb of Tokyo as the center, these places for training spread from Santama, Saitama, Kanagawa, Chiba and other areas.
The countries we periodically dispatch our instructors include the United States, Canada, Argentine, Brazil, Germany, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Greece, Iran, South Korea, Taiwan, and Australia.






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