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Aikikai Aikido in Chippenham

New Aikido classes will be opening in Chippenham soon!

Aikido is a Japanese martial art that uses spherical body movements to absorbed and redirect an attack. Aikido translates as the way of peace and harmony and unlike other modern martial arts does not have competition. Instead has a culture of self-improvement through diligent practice.
Aikido Tenchikan Dojo has an established dojo in Bristol and regularly hosts seminars with senior Japanese and European Aikido instructors.
All of our Yudansha (black belt) examinations are undertaken my Kobayashi dojos, Japan and registered in Japan and recognised world wide.
Tenchikan Dojo practices all aspects of Aikikai Aikido including standing and kneeling techniques, Aiki-ken (sword) and Aiki-Jo (staff).
Classes last for one and half hours and have a standardised format allowing students to practice each technique with different partners in a light-hearted but diligent manner.

If you are interested in joining the dojo and would like further information please complete the form below

The Chippenham Aikido club is easily accessible from Trowbridge Calne Melksham Corsham Brandford on Avon Bath Devizes Seend